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Before we talk about growth strategies, let’s focus a bit on our own profile, the caption, hashtags and the best time to post.


The growth of our page will depend, in fact, even before the strategy, on the content we create. It’s a fact that even the best product needs to be known by potential buyers in order to generate sales. It is also true that even the best marketing strategy won’t improve sales of a product if your content is poor to begin with.


So we can say without mince words: MISSION NUMBER 1: CREATE GREAT CONTENT


So you must ensure that you have:


  1. A captivating Bio


You can briefly describe what the purpose of your profile is.


In case the photos are not taken by you personally, you should add to your Bio the following: “© All Rights reserved to their respective owners”.


This will preserve you from any problems related to copyright, infringements and more. It is also important to quote the authors of the photos in your caption, when you post an image.


  1. A well-built caption


An IG post is enjoyable to read when it includes the hashtags related to your page, the mention of the author of the photograph if it is not taken by you and a nice caption that can arouse interest.


Take a look to this caption (used on one of our pages) on a photo showing a beautiful place in Indonesia. It can be an interesting starting point for what you decide to use for your IG post.


  • Who wants to go there? | Location: Lagoon Wayag Raja Ampat, Indonesia


  • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••


  • Photography by @photoauthor


  • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••


▪ Tag your best photos with #influencepost and follow @influencepost_com to be featured

  • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••


#Naturelovers #instanature #nature_perfection #mothernature #natureza #naturelover #landscape_lovers #hiking #outdoors #explore adventures #AdventureTime # #wanderlust #travelling #traveling #travelgram #travelingram #mytravelgram


  1. A list of ready to use hashtags


You will need at least 5 or 6 different lists of 25-30 hashtags related to your specific niche. An example would be the following list for a travel account:


#luxury #earth #vacation #paradise #travelling #living #adventure #life #epic #vacations #beautiful #instagood #iphonesia #instamood #igdaily #instagramhub #instacool #travelgram #thegoodlife #cruise #vacaymode #traveltips #travelfriendly #wheretonext #amazing #love #fashion #followme #awesome



  1. Keep Following a number that is not higher than that of the followers.


In doing so, it will be easier to increase the effect of your like or follow on to another page. Receiving a follow from a page with only 1K following compared to 50K followers certainly makes a different effect than that of a follow from a page with 5K to 6K followers and following. This will help you to obtain a percentage of like-back and follow-back that is above average 😉


  1. Formulate questions in the caption or the call to action that requires you tag a friend


This is one of the simplest methods to generate comments and interactions. It is a very effective way to increase the engagement of your page and at the same time engage with profiles that are otherwise hard to reach only thanks to the tags used in your posts.


  1. Locate the right time to post your content


Each page has different followers, with completely different habits and, above all, time zones.


Unfortunately you do not have neither the time nor the way to investigate every one of your followers to draw firm statistical conclusions, but a more or less precise idea can be made through Iconosquare! 🙂 is a site that provides relevant statistical data to optimize your Instagram activity, helping you to trace the growth of your profile.


Once registered, the site will take more or less time to load all the data related to your account depending on the number of your followers.


The more followers, the more time you will have to wait before being able to have the avalanche of statistics that Iconosquare generates.


Once the data acquisition process is complete. Go to the Analytics section and click on ‘Optimization’ to check the times in which you should regularly, and the number of interactions you can receive in a particular hour.


This allows you to not only check whether the times when you post are those which correspond to the major interactions, but also to identify the different days of the week in which it would be better to post.


The larger the dots represented at a certain time, the greater the corresponding interactions. Be sure to post in the hours when there are the largest number of interactions of your followers!


  1. Blow your engagement with Video


I discovered the power of video only recently and I’m loving it 🙂 Now I cannot help but post at least 5 every week!


I get on average between 15 and 70 comments for each photo published. Are you are curious to know the statistics of the video?


194.28 Comments on average for each video posted with several hundred users tagged.


It’s absolutely shocking to see that videos engage much more followers than simple pictures.


Testing the video performance of several different accounts, I found that this is not particular to a specific following, but common to all Instagram users!


As for the photos and maybe for other types of content, it is essential to choose the right the caption. Also, the call to action should be well-studied.


It could involve an invitation to tag a couple of friends or an intriguing question to generate hundreds and hundreds of interactions!


At first I thought that the results were random and that the engagement leap in the video was due to a lucky choice of clips that I posted, but there was only a small crack in my belief.


It was absolutely necessary to explore more. There must be a rational explanation, I thought. The watchword for in this cases, as usual, was the same: TEST!


For a short time our accounts became a shoot-video machine! 😉


In the long term, the theory that the “video quality” factor was the protagonist of the great achievements gradually diminished.


One possible justification for this would be that the algorithm that does get popular in a post is diversified between video and photo.


In addition, after a recent update of Instagram, you can know the number of views for a video.


In this way, the good Zuckerberg recognizes the number of views (not the likes on a video) as the main data to interpret the level of involvement generated by a particular video.


Since the views often exceed the number of likes, you can guess that this is a factor which ultimately give much more credibility to your account, especially when you get in touch with companies that are looking for influencers to sponsor their products.


10K views than 2K likes give a much more precise idea of the potential reach of a single video on your profile and, of course, this can be much more interesting for a company in search of fertile ground on which to promote their products.


Everything is then translated into an instrument able to skyrocket your authority!


The views video instead of the likes as the first indicator of engagement further strengthen the theory that the algorithm is different between photos and videos; different is the yardstick by which


Instagram ranks them (Views vs Likes)


Some argue that Instagram as Facebook is trying to give greater value to the videos on their platform because they want to battle and overcome the domain of Youtube!


As usual, it is difficult to go into this kind of talk, but posting some videos on your account seems like a smart thing to do.


No harm in trying, right?


Good Luck! 😉

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