How to become a fashion designer and create your own clothing line.

YES, YOU CAN Create A Fashion Business! All YOU Need Is Someone In Your Corner …  To Guide You Step-By-Step So That In A Few Short Weeks You Could Be Taking Your Own Fashion Orders.

Re: The Fashion Business Blueprint Online Training

Dear ‘Fashion Designer And Fashion Business Owner To Be’!

Yes! That’s You!

Do you ever feel saddened because you so want to become a fashion designer and create your own fashion design business but, it all seems ‘pie in the sky’?

When you’re working, either in your office, a shop, around the house or even just out walking – do you often wish you knew how to get started?  But, you fear that you wouldn’t be able to do it because you’ve no confidence in being successful, due to your lack of skills or many other reasons.

(That’s exactly what it was like for me!  I knew absolutely nada about the fashion business but I loved the designs I saw in the magazines and on TV.  In fact, I used to watch all the fashion shows and I knew that I could do what other fashion designers did, if only I knew how!   Where was this fashion info?)

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Started

1. They get bogged down with just earning a living and not following their dreams because they don’t have the TIME or the enegry after working full time in the ‘day job’!  This senaero is happening in households all over the world.
2. The are told by family and friends that they should forget about that DREAM and get a ‘proper’ job.  “Think about their pensions and security!”  In the majority of cases the people giving this ‘good’ advice, aren’t the right people to be guided by anyway because of their own lack of determination to live out their dream life.
3. They leave college or school with QUALIFICATIONS totally unrelated to working in the fashion industry and think that they have lost their opportunity.  In a lot of cases they have been guided into a particular career path which, turns out to be a soul destroying way of earning a living.
4. They are stay at home moms or dads and fill their days with tasks which eventually takes away their CONFIDENCE in their ability to follow their dreams.  These parents do a fantastic job and would love to be working at home doing something they have a passion for but, because it is not recognised, they begin to doubt their own potential.
5. They want to change their career but FEAR that they won’t be successful.  There are thousands of people living in quiet despair because they’re miserable in their jobs but fear moving on.

So, you’re probably wondering, what’s the answer?

The answer is very simple!  It’s deciding to become one of the top 2% of the people who actually live their dreams and not be one of the 98% who just think about it, yet never actually do anything to get started.

Now, lets look at the opposite to the reasons why people don’t get started …

5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Start



Imagine spending your time working in your own fashion design business and doing what you want?  No more having to trudle along to the same place of work, day after day at the same time and work with the exact same people day in and day out. Much as you may like the people you work with, just think of all the exciting people you have yet to meet, working in your own business, working at home and working the hours that you want!
Now, just imagine how you will feel when you actually live your dream of owning your fashion business?  Once you have achieved the first step towards your dream and reach your goal, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself, over and over again.  Nothing will ever hold you back!
You won’t have to worry about qualifications, when you can create garments which can be sold world wide! Garments which people would love to wear and own – your own exclusive designs.  Plus, if you do want to get fashion qualifications, what’s to stop you doing a part time course, once you get started in the fashion industry?
As soon as you create your own fashion design business, your confidence in your abilities will be heightened as never before.  As soon you start selling your garments, your confidence will grow to a level which you never knew you could have.  You’ll even be inspiring others to follow their dreams, by your example!
Having faced your fear and taken the courage to overcome it to start your own fashion business, you will have achieved a major goal.  Without overcoming your fear you would never have had the opportunity of reaching the great peaks of success which you’ll find waiting for you, when you have created your own fashion design business.

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